AWS – Post – 24 – Creating a windows EC2 instance and configuring RAID 10 in windows 2016 server Part-1

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AWS – Post – 24 – Creating a windows EC2 instance and configuring RAID 10 in windows 2016 server Part-1:


In this blog post, we will see on how to create a windows EC2 instance and​​ the steps to configure RAID 10 in that windows 2016 server.

Under EC2 -> EC2 Dashboard - > Click on Launch instance

Now in the AMI selection page, select Windows 2016 Base edition.​​ 



Then follow the usual steps as described in the previous blog posts, when it comes to add storage section , add 4 ebs “General purpose SSD (GP2)” volumes of 8 GB size and also check the delete on termination checkbox for all the EBS volumes. The reason why we are adding additional storage is to show how to implement RAID 10​​ in windows 2016 machine.​​ 



Now when it comes to step 6: Configure security group, Create a new security group and add the RDP rule to it, for now select the source as anywhere.



Now finally when you review the instance before launching , you will get​​ the below warning message, since you have added 4 additional volumes it will not come under free tier and your AWS account will be charged for it.​​ 


So please make sure that you delete the Windows EC2 instance and the associated volumes soon after you have complete this exercise.​​ 



After you click on launch , you will be prompted for a keypair creation , you need this keypair to get the windows password, so create one and download it to your computer.​​ 


Download the keypair and launch the instance, it​​ will take some time for the instance to come up.



Now we need to get windows login credentials, by default the admin userid is “Administrator” and to get the password , you need to click on Actions->”Get Windows Password”



If you try to get the password, immediately after server launch, you will get the below message, you will be able to get the password only post 4 minutes.



Post 4 minutes , try again to get the default windows password , you will be prompted with the below screen , now select the .pem file which had generated earlier and click on decrypt password.​​ 



You will be presented with the below screen.



Now from you local ​​ windows system ->​​ run “mstsc” , for remote desktop connection.​​ 


You have now successfully logged onto the windows 2016 desktop,



In​​ part-2, we will see how to configure RAID 10 in this windows system.​​ 

Thanks for viewing the post, please post your comments​​ below.​​ 

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