Ansible – Post – 5 – Ansible Groups Creation

Ansible Group Creation
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Ansible - Post - 5 - Ansible Group Creation:

In this blog post, we will see how to create the ansible groups, Ansible groups are used for grouping servers / systems under one group , so the set of servers can be targeted at the same time.​​ 

First lets run vagrant up to ensure that the servers are up and running.



Logon to the acs​​ (ansible control server )​​ box​​ 



Change directory to demo1 and create the inventory file as below, you can see that I have given the password in open text which is not advisable, just for testing purposes I have given the open password here, you can use private key file or the ansible vault to secure the password, which will see later in the upcoming posts.​​ 



web1 ansible_ssh_host= ansible_ssh_user=vagrant ansible_ssh_pass=vagrant

db1 ansible_ssh_host= ansible_ssh_user=vagrant ansible_ssh_pass=vagrant












The square brackets indicate the groups , anything below the square bracket is considered as a server/system, if you want to group the groups, you need to use the children keyword inside the square brackets, then ansible will read them as groups instead of systems.​​ 



If you have common parameters that apply to a group, you can use the vars keyword for the group and move the parameters there, here I have moved the login credential parametrs under the [datacentre:vars]



Now let’s try pinging the servers in the group datacentre​​ and db1.​​ 



ansible datacenter -i inventory -m ping




ansible db1 -i inventory -m ping



It works as expected.​​ 


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