Ansible – Post – 12 – Ansible Roles

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Ansible - Post - 12 - Ansible Roles :


In this blog post, we will see how to use ansible roles to execute tasks on remote machines, it is nothing but segregating templates, vars,​​ tasks and handlers in separate folder for better flexibility and visibility. you can assign a role to the target server and when executed it implements the tasks defined under that role.​​ 

I​​ have attached the demo9.tar file at the bottom of this post,​​ 

As usual we define the ansible configuration file and the inventory file.​​ 



You can see the folder structure defined under the roles folder. Each​​ individual folder will contain the YML file and you can see the contents of the yml file under tasks, handlers and vars.​​ 








Now we will execute the individual roles and the common roles using the webservers.yml, dbservers.yml and the​​ common.yml file.​​ 









You can see that the packages are successfully installed the required services are started.​​ 




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